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Laundry Day! Baby Shower Game!

"Laundry Day!" - A Baby Shower Game & Activity for Everyone!

     Days ahead — Purchase a laundry basket, clothesline or twine, wireless phone or imitation phone (don't use real cell phones in case they are dropped). baby doll (size of a 6-month old), timer or stopwatch, articles of baby clothing (Not Included).
     Hours ahead — 1. Hours before the shower, fill a laundry basket with baby clothing.   2. Securely hang a clothesline between two posts.

     Each quest takes a turn hanging the laundry (baby clothes) while holding the baby doll and cordless phone. While in play, the guest picks up only one piece of clothing at a time, hang clothes with clothespins and runs back to get the second article, and the third, and etc. If at any time the phone or baby are dropped, the person must forfeit a turn. The one who successfully hangs the most articles the fastest without dropping the baby wins!

Each pack contains 24 colorful plastic clothespins.



Item: Laundry Day! Baby Shower Game!
Price Each: $5.25


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