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The Laundry Game! - Fun for any age!

"LAUNDRY DAY" Baby Shower Game


  • Laundry Basket

  • Clothesline (Or heavy twine)

  • Wireless Phone (or something that is similar just in case you do drop it, you surely do not want that to break!)

  • Baby Doll (the size of a 6 month old)

  • Egg Timer (Or stopwatch with a loud alarm)

  • Articles of clothing

    Fill the laundry basket with clean baby clothing, socks, blankets, etc. ahead of time. Securely hang a clothesline between two posts on the other end of the room. Have a timer, cordless phone and baby doll on hand.

    HOW TO PLAY: Give each guest their turn with the baby doll and cordless phone. Each person is to pick up one piece of clothing at a time with baby and phone in hand while pinning the laundry up as quickly as possible. If at any time the phone or baby is dropped, the laundry must be unhung, and started over again. The one who successfully hangs the most articles without dropping the baby wins!

    Clothesline, baby, basket, timer, prize and articles of clothing not included.

    GAME VARIATIONS: "Don't Say BABY" - When guests arrive, pin a clothespin on their blouse. They are not to say the word "baby" -- if they do, their clothespin may be taken away by someone else. The winner is the one at the end of the shower with the most clothespins. Variations to this game of course are "Don't Say Mommy" and Don't Cross Your Legs!

    Each order comes with 25 clothespins, which measure approximately 2.75" long.

  • Item: The Laundry Game! - Fun for any age!
    Price Each: $1.95


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