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DIY Baby Bottle and Personalized Label Kit, Set of 6

A great way to say baby shower and a great way to save, too! DIY kits are the way to go!!
We send you a kit of unfilled baby bottles with your choice of pink or blue colored tops and  personalized labels. When you get home, apply the label to each bottle, fill the bottle with jellybeans, m&ms, potpourri (not included), snap the bottle top on and you're ready to go! You can also adorn them with beautiful bows and ribbons or extra bling such as rhinestones and scrapbooking crafts (not included). It's fun to get creative when there is a baby on the way!!

Each bottle stands nearly 5" tall. 

Comes in sets of 6.  Assembly Required.

Your choice of all blue tops, all pink tops or an assortment of pink and blue tops.

*Ba-Diva IDEA - Use these bottles to send your invitations out to your shower guests. Please be sure to let us know that this is your plan so we can set up the graphics separately. It requires more work and a different system, but we would love to make your shower extra special!

Suggested arrangement of your baby shower bottle favors is to place them in a gift basket near the door so that it's easily accessible to everyone as each guest says their goodbyes. Or if you prefer to hand them out earlier in the shower, have one sitting at each place setting if it's more formal of a luncheone or dinner.

IDEA!! Save one or two of these bottles for a guessing game. Fill up with pennies, jelly beans, m&ms, little pacifier candies, or whatever fun things you have around your home.


Item: DIY Baby Bottle and Personalized Label Kit, Set of 6
Price Each: $8.45
Quantity: Minimum order of 4 for this item
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