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Personalized Notecards with Boxed Sets of Ear Plugs

Perfect for crowded airplanes and public settings. This is a fun and practical way to introduce your cute little baby to new people in social situations. These notecards can be taken anywhere with you. Place a pre-packaged notecard with ear plugs on the seat of the stranger (i.e., new friend). You will strike up conversation and open doors that normally wouldn't be opened.

Set of (8) Personalized Notecards with 8 Boxed Sets of Ear Plugs

You may provide the child's photo (at no additional cost) and we will add it to each card. If you prefer a different saying than printed below, provide the text and we will use your wording instead of ours.

Suggested wording:
I want to introduce myself to you
and in case you find use for these,
please use the complimentary earplugs.
I’m only (age of baby) old and
can't control myself yet!
~(Name of your baby)

In fact, this is how Susan "The Shower Diva" first met former TV Personality of "The Insider" Victoria Recaño. By sitting on a crowded plane with 8-month old daughter, Susan didn't want to disturb any of the passengers on the airplane so she placed these original personalized notecards on the seats nearby along with the boxed earplugs. It was so cute and such a new idea that it struck up a conversation between Victoria and Susan. They've been friends ever since!

A BadaBadaBIngo Original!

Item: Personalized Notecards with Boxed Sets of Ear Plugs
Price Each: $12.95
Name of Baby:
Age of Baby:
Optional Wording:


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